yerevan state medical university

Prima facie, the Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) has some experience in teaching Medicine which is an obvious conclusion anyone will draw from its year of establishment, for the University was indeed established in 1920 which makes it more than a 100 years old.

Now, the older a University, better is the standard of education that is expected from it. However, just the year of establishment should not be the sole criterion to base the decision of taking admission in it. One should research as to what is the exact experience of the University in teaching the curriculum you are interested in.

Let’s see what the Yerevan State Medical University official website has to say about the experience the University has in teaching MBBS of the standard that is internationally acceptable. So, in the section of ‘History’, the official website says – “…In the year 2005-2006 academic year, YSMU switched to a two-level education system with the aim of having an education system in line with international standards…” This fact should influence your decision because the University has a total experience of around a decade only in teaching what you are interested in learning.

Otherwise, the University has average faculty strength. There are 1100 lecturers out of which only 171 are doctors of Sciences. As many as 504 staff members are only ‘candidates of science’. Foreign students are welcome to take admission in the Yerevan State Medical University subject to the condition that they qualify in the Entrance Exam with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If someone is unable to do so, he/she will have to take a year-long Preparatory Course under the University’s Department of Preparatory Education for Foreigners which will be an unwelcome added