Who is The most dangerous batsman in ipl

The Indian Premier Tournament (IPL), which is celebrated as an annual festival in India and other cricket-playing countries, is a Twenty-20 league in which talent from all sectors of the game appears to make the most of their abilities, whether in batting, bowling, or fielding. Today, though, we'll concentrate on the league's hitting camp. We'll rank the top five most dangerous batters in the IPL and evaluate their statistics and finest performances to determine who takes the top spot and is dubbed the IPL Most Dangerous Batsman.
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No one could have predicted how large the IPL would become and how it would alter Indian cricket history when it first began. We have witnessed a lot of IPL matches over the years and had the opportunity to meet some of the best batters in the world.
Who would have guessed that the Indian Premier League would become such a game-changer in Indian cricket history? The Indian Premier League, which helped to shape the contemporary game, continues to compete with some of the world's best athletic contests in terms of quality, revenue, and attendance.

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