The Role of Compliance in Medical Billing and Coding: Ensuring Ethical Practices

Compliance in medical billing and coding is of prime importance in ensuring the ethics and integrity of the healthcare system. The spotlight on ethics in the healthcare business has partly been due to the crisis in confidence about online websites and a lack of public trust. Furthermore, a complex healthcare organizational environment where administrations are required to juggle a ‘multitude of competing regulatory obligations and interests’ has provided fertile ground for ethical dilemmas. The trend is evident in the growing concern over the inappropriate conduct of coding and billing and raising claim denial and rejection issues.

That is why medical coding and billing effort should fully comply with the guideline of regulatory authority because ethical problems will eventually lead the health professional and healthcare business to potential or immediate legal troubles. Ethical issues also contribute to losing goodwill and public image and ultimately reduce business profitability. Thus why, a process is required for strict adherence to regulatory guidelines to protect the patients, payers, and healthcare providers. The article will discuss the role of compliance in medical billing and coding.