THE ESSENCE OF LOVE by Raymond Quattlebaum

Man always have a deep craving for a magical, ethereal feeling that brings us to an ultimate high called love. Love is as different as the person experiencing it and yet it is universal and understandable by all. Love is unpredictable that it comes when it pleases. Ready or not. And it can be anyone you least expect it to be. It’s a feeling over which we have no control.

However, very often these days, what we call love is not love at all. Loving is not about having strong feelings for someone and couldn’t imagine life without them. We tend to regard love as we have known it in modern times, love similar to Shakespearean sonnets of sort, as an ideal and endpoint. It turns out that love is never what we thought it was about. You see that kind of thinking is dependence—an addiction. It is not what love is because you’re setting your own happiness as a goal. The essence of love is far deeper than that in the movies and The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum has the perfect depiction of what true love is, what it looks like, and what it should be.

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