study in green life medical college

The Green Life Medical College became functional in 2010 after the parent hospital run by 50 Doctors, called the Green Life Hospital, completed 5 years of successful existence. Today, the Green Life Medical College & hospital enrolls 110 students every year out of which 76 are foreign students.

The Green Life Medical College has an impressive infrastructure that facilitates the learning process of the incumbents. Multimedia lecture halls with sound systems and projection facilities provide a great environment to understand the concepts of medicine. The newly constructed Academic building is 15 stories high with state-of-the-art amenities.

The facility has as many as 12 operation theatres, 4 of these are built to assist in teaching. The hospital is big with 500 beds. Also, there is an OPD that supports treatment of almost every kind of conditions common in the region. The college takes pride in its academic endeavors, none the less; the recreation and cultural growth of the students are also given appropriate importance. Annual picnic excursions, sports events, and cultural activities are conducted at a grand scale for the benefit of the students.