Study at Medical University of Warsaw

In 1809, the Medical University of Warsaw constituted its medicine department. It is a logical conclusion that the older a university, the better the education and the Medical University of Warsaw has a legacy of more than two centuries.

Along with this academic richness, the Medical University of Warsaw encourages students to participate. Whether it is culture or sports, you get the rare opportunity to 'go all out' and achieve new heights.

As we said, the Warsaw Medical Academy campus has a multifunctional sports facility with a world-class swimming pool and a massive hall for martial arts practice. The campus has multiple provisions to feed your cultural spirit, including a humungous dance hall and an auditorium. The sports activities in the university have always been a bright spot, especially with its fully equipped sports centre and a substantial dedicated human resource to train you.

The Medical University of Warsaw's teaching quality is one of the areas that the Medical University of Warsaw alumni speak about fondly. More than 1800 qualified, benevolent academic staff and 190 full-time, dedicated professors are engaged in teaching medical skills to the students of Warsaw University.

Approximately 10,000 budding doctors are learning at MUWS as you read this. Unfortunately, there are not many Indian Medical University of Warsaw students who choose this good university, perhaps due to unawareness.

The Medical University of Warsaw World Ranking is 3234th while the Medical University of Warsaw Ranking in Poland is 41st. (The university rankings may vary from time to time).

The university lays a lot of weight on your participation in the Medical University of Warsaw Faculty of Medicine international programs as it opens up doors for gaining ample experience that varies objectively.