Study at Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

The Bashkir University Russia has a World Ranking of 3538th and the University Ranking in Russia is 136th. The BSMU carries on scientific research, both fundamental & applied, with priority to genomics, pharmacology, regenerative medicine & so on. The University maintains a balance between social, academic, and recreational work with the students.

A University is evaluated based on its contribution to society and welfare. The Bashkir State Medical University received 48 patents in the year 2019 alone which 47 were inventions and 1 was a utility model. Concepts like High-Tech Robot-Assisted Surgery in BSMU Russia seem to have a penchant for progressiveness and such a university is ideal for your growth.

Advantages of studying at Bashkir State Medical University Russia
The Bashkir State University Ufa Russia is the ideal University for students to lay the foundation of a rewarding career in medicine.

Quality education: The Bashkir State Medical University teaches a Fully English MBBS program. The university is a public University that is more than 80 years old where the teaching is purely in English.
Affordable fees: The university offers affordable tuition fees and living expenses, making it an ideal choice for students who want to pursue a medical degree without breaking the bank.
Modern facilities: The university has updated and modern technological facilities such as well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and libraries. This provides students with a conducive learning environment that enhances their academic experience.
International recognition: Bashkir State Medical University has counted its recognition with international organizations, Medical commissions in Europe, Asia, and the Gulf including India.
Research opportunities: The university offers students opportunities to participate in research projects, which helps students to develop their skills and knowledge in the medical field.
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