With the increasing global population, the incidence rates of several chronic disease indications, such as diabetes, heart disorders, neurological disorders and oncological disorders, are on the rise. This has led to a rise in the demand for effective treatment options for patients suffering from these diseases. Further, in order to improve the quality of life in these patients, companies have developed novel devices capable of delivering a variety of formulations of different drugs / therapies, in an efficient and relatively simple manner. The emerging trend of self-injection has been dubbed as a win-win scenario for both patients and healthcare professionals. In addition to being user-friendly and convenient for patients, it saves on healthcare resources and costs by facilitating a lower-cost method to administer medicines, making self-injection system much more cost effective. Additionally, it lowers costs associated with needlestick injuries by minimizing the risk to a great extent. The US healthcare industry is reported to endure the cost burden of more than USD 1 billion every year due to these injuries. As a result, large volume wearable injectors have shown a lot of promise to address this problem.

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