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Home medical oxygen concentrators were invented in the lead 1970s, considering the manufacturing output of these devices increasing in the late 1970s. Union Carbide Corporation and Bendix Corporation were both before manufacturers. Before that era, house medical oxygen therapy required the use of unventilated tall-pressure oxygen cylinders or little cryogenic liquid oxygen systems. Both of these delivery systems required frequent residence visits by suppliers to replenish oxygen supplies. In the United States, Medicare switched from have an effect on ahead-for-support payment to a flat monthly rate for habitat oxygen therapy in the mid-1980s, causing the durable medical equipment (DME) industry to immediately hug concentrators as a mannerism to rule costs. This reimbursement change dramatically decreased the number of primary high pressure and liquid oxygen delivery systems in use in homes in the United States at that epoch. Oxygen concentrators became the preferred and most common means of delivering estate oxygen. The number of manufacturers entering the oxygen concentrator promotion increased exponentially for that marginal note of this fine-expose. Union Carbide Corporation invented the molecular sieve in the 1950s which made these devices realizable. It invented the first cryogenic liquid estate medical oxygen systems in the 1960s.

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