Offer/ Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Revolutionizing Form and Function

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 has been using it for the past few days and here is my quick preview. First, after years of holding hands on foldable, it appears that Samsung is literally playing catch-up this year with the Moto Razr 40 Ultra, of course. Now this is called something called Flexed Window which is unique here on this device. But apart from the flexed window, not much has changed in the new device when it comes to design which looks very similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

But the device feels thinner and more compact when folded to accommodate the new hinge. Because as you can see it closes better but the crease of the phone is still quite obvious. Now everyone is literally buzzing about the larger 3.4-inch external display that is here but to be honest I have been using the device for the past few days. Although Samsung may have many cards as you know the cover screen can be customized just like the clock.

The watch faces in one but none of these cover screen designs are actually interactive. Except for the camera interface of course, for example, tapping the pending notification icon or the battery icon. You won’t be taken to the notification area or battery section or you’ll probably have to swipe through a long list of native widgets you know.