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Thanjai Natural's Palm Jaggery Powder is the most well-known type of palm sugar.
Palm Jaggery Powder produced in the same way as Palm Sugars, and it is very common in Africa and Asia. Palm Jaggery is one of the most Major Elements to Make palm sugar in India and it is often used in sweetmeats and local delicacies.
Thanjai Natural's Palm Sugar Boosts Energy Levels: It takes very little time for Palm Sugar to be Meltdown and absorbed by the body.
Thanjai Natural's Palm Sugar for Diabetes: Manufacturers of Palm Sugar often claim that it has a low glycemic index which means that consuming palm sugar will not cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels.
Thanjai Natural's Palm Sugar Unbleached Sweetener
Promotes Musculoskeletal Health: Palm Sugar, contains a modest amount of potassium. 1 teaspoon of Palm sugar provides 1 percent of a person’s daily requirement for potassium

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