Mica Based Pearlescent Pigments Manufactured and Exporters in Italy by AMP Pigments.

AMP Pigments are known as a signal of greatness, manufacturing premium Mica pearl pigments that add brightness to a huge number of uses across different industries. Whether you are in Italy, Nepal, Algeria, or Kenya, our Mica Based Pearlescent Pigments are intended to convey shocking outcomes, changing your products with their brilliant gleam and extraordinary quality. Our portfolio incorporates a different scope of varieties and impacts, like Silver Mica Pearl Pigment (5179), Bright Gold Mica Pearl Pigment (5199), Silver Flash Mica Pearl Pigment (5152), Sparkling Gold Mica Pearl Pigment (5144), and Bold Red Mica Pearl Pigment (5970), each fastidiously evolved to satisfy the most elevated guidelines.

AMP Pigments invests in its worldwide reach, conveying excellent Mica pearl powder and paint to each area of the world. Our obligation to quality and consumer loyalty has made us a believed company in countries like Italy, Nepal, Algeria, and Kenya. We grasp the interesting necessities of various business sectors and give altered arrangements that take care of explicit prerequisites.

In Italy, our Pearl Mica Powder is broadly used in the design and automotive, where quality and style are principal. Italian makers value the predominant completion and solidness of their items, guaranteeing that their manifestations stick out. In Nepal, our Pearl Mica Paint finds application in conventional specialties and current enterprises the same. In Algeria, our varieties of Mica Pearl Pigments like Silver (5179), Bright Gold (5199), Silver Flash (5152), Sparkling Gold (5144), and Bold Red (5970) are used in various industries, from innovative designs on plastics to beauty care products. AMP Pigments conveys items that offer amazing toughness and variety quickness. In Kenya, our Mica Pigments add to the developing assembling and restorative industries.