Location: South Korea

Founded as “Saehan Engineering” in 1978, Hansung Tech Co., Ltd. has put in mighty efforts in development of hermetic seals and special rubber products and manufacturing of molds, which are... Read More

Gwangseok Automotive is making strenuous efforts to establish a part of the automobile industry in the 21st century,consisting of professionals with abudunt know-how in automobile machinery and electroics over the... Read More

Biogenicskorea is the nation's first postbiotics company holding lactobacillus plantarum nF1 strain which is developed kimchi- derived vegetable lactobacillus. We have Korean, US and numuorus patents for technology and efficacy... Read More

Digital Transformation & Master Data Management Solution, we blend our technology and industry expertise to develop solutions to help organizations create engaging digital experiences with our Digital Transformation &... Read More

GobizKOREA (www.gobizkorea.com), which is operated by KOSME, is the global B2B e-Marketplace that connects international buyers and Korean suppliers. GobizKOREA supports product search, online transaction (PayPal, T/T), shipping (EMS, DHL), etc. GobizKOREA... Read More