How to choose a good and high quality book?

There are many kinds of book printing China, but how to choose a good and high quality books? Below some of my opinions for reference.
1. Most of us want to know the book’s content if rich or not?
When we choose a book at the beginning, we have a TIPS principle: ①Tools, the book contains the Tools, you can learn something to practice. ②Ideas, even though there isn't any new ideas, new concepts, new thought, or new developments in the book. ③Practicability, which can bring changes to our life and work (generally with Tools and Ideas, then will bring practicability). ④Scientificity, supported by rigorous scientific literature, and the corresponding experiments, with a certain degree of falsifiability.
But for daily life, most of us should focus on interestingness. Some books are not necessarily tools, no need to read every book as well as its practicability. However, interestingness is also very important and you can enjoy literary works, so it is very good to add fun.
2. The book is published by the experience printing publishing house
Usually, good topics will go to the bigger publishers which has professional printing experience, so the publications from the more reliable, stable publishers are generally good content and quality.
3. See the author background.
Most of us should prefer to choose a book written by a professor who has taken more than 10 years for research, rather than a book written by a best-selling author who has sold 20 million copies worldwide. Why? As if it's a scientific book, it's rigorous, it has arguments, it has data, it has an experimental process, it tends to be a little hard and boring, and when it gets harder to read. So if you look at the author's background, whether he's a best-selling author, whether he's a scientist, whether he's a professor, then I think it gives us a different choice.
4. Look at the references.
Although there are a lot of people who recommend a lot of books, there are still someone who recommend book