Global Driverless Cab Service Market Size, Share, Development History, Business

Driverless Cab Service is self-driving taxis, autonomous vehicles powered by a mobility provider on demand. They are self-driving vehicles without some human intervention in the vehicle's service. Demand for self-driving vehicles has increased with the introduction of automation in vehicles, which has complemented the development of driverless cab service globally. Autonomous vehicles have also gained popularity among consumers leading to companies developing vehicles that need not be powered by a driver.

The need for a human driver has been diminished with the advent of automation in cars, thereby reducing the chances of accidents caused due to lack of human’s concentration. A driverless cab service is also fitted with different sensors such as RADAR, LiDAR and others, making the vehicle efficient to run, ultimately contributing to the growth of driverless cab service. For instance, Daimler-backed Momenta use LIDAR sensors with Mercedes-Benz S-class sedans for driverless cab service. Daimler AG and Robert Bosch has been settling trials for ride hailing service with automated driving in California during 2019.