Beginning With God: The Role of Faith in Spiritual Growth – Jocelyne Ranucci

This statement is true. If your conception of spiritual growth is nothing more than self-effort, you will not experience life transformation. From Childhood To Christhood book on spiritual journey and spiritual growth by Jocelyne Ranucci implied that true power is to transform, transcend, and create a perfect life—an ability she believes is innate to all.

In the Christian life, certain truths are either so formative or fragile that you may require special assistance in learning to hold on to the shopping cart of faith. As a mature Christian, you are used to toting these truths around like a handbag (such as the security of your salvation), but young Christians need to develop the spiritual muscles they take for granted.

A partial list is found below of these foundational truths that require the exertion of faith and may require your assistance. In these areas, the need for trust is most acute, and where the lack of it will have the most incredible ramifications.