Bag in Box Supplier – Technologia JSC

Technologia JSC, certified according to FSSC 22000, produces the Bag in Box and Super Pouch packaging of the highest quality. Cutting-edge machinery and multifunctional laboratories located in a clean and sterile manufacturing sector allow our customers to receive products that meet European and national standards.

Our own production of films, laminated materials and closures ensures the reliability of our Bag in Box and Super Pouch packaging. We control each production stage to guarantee the protection of your valuable product. In our bags only, your product will preserve its freshness as if it has just been filled.

Our expert team works hard every day to provide the best integral services possible. Owing to well-organized logistics with the offices in Europe, we stay connected to our customers and help them solve any packaging alert promptly and professionally.

Our R&D specialists are advanced-thinkers. Unique, creative and tech-savvy people that turn our customers’ dreams into reality. From inventing to implementation, they stay focused and dedicated to a project, which is a substantial contribution to any successful collaboration.

We offer a wide range of products:
– Bag in Box – from 2 to 220 liters;
– Super Pouch – 1.5, 3 and 5 liters.
If you should have any questions or requests, please reach us.

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