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It Scientifically designed as per latest American diabetic association guidelines. Also suitable via tube feed at 1.5kcal per ml. High protein and low GI helps in dietary management in diabetes. Suggested for individuals... Read More

Aveeno skin relief moisturizing is a combination of triple oat complex (with oat oil, oat flour and oat extract )and Shea butter for ultimate protection against all dry skin conditions... Read More

Baby soothing Cream soothes and relieves dry sensitive skin. Provide better moisturization to relieve irritations on skin Can be used every day to keep baby skin to feel healthy by moisturizing it Baby... Read More

Aveeno baby daily moisture lotion is ideal to be used for chafed, chapped or cracked skin. Baby moisturising lotion with no added fragrance and harmful chemicals. Natural colloidal oatmeal, FDA approved skin... Read More

Aveeno moisturising lotion prevents and protects dry skin. Fast absorbing natural formula. Moisturizing lotion provides 24 hours moisture protection. Aveeno lotion prevents and protects itchy, tight skin. Protects from drying effect of wind and... Read More