Your domain name should be well aligned with your brand and provide some idea of your business products or services to your target audience. It should be short, simple, and memorable. You want to make it easy for current and future clients to recall your domain. The Penny Hoarder is a great example. The name of this personal finance blog is catchy and easy to remember while also leaving no doubt as to the type of content you’ll find.

A domain name is also an important ranking factor. Search engine crawlers look at the domain name to discern what a webpage is about. Ideally, your domain name will also include a primary keyword that you want your website to rank for. Keywords reflect a user’s search intent and are how searchers find your platform through Google and other search engines. Use an SEO tool to pick winning keywords for your content and page titles.

Finally, your domain name needs to be unique. You can check whether a certain domain is taken online. You can also use this tool to brainstorm potential domain name ideas. If your desired domain isn’t available, it will propose alternatives. A more advanced domain overview tool can give you a snapshot of how other domains in your field are performing in organic search, so you can use this to inform your own domain name selection.

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